Monday, January 26, 2009

Hiney's & Rainbows

The other morning little one told me she had a dream about rainbows.

I asked her if she slid down it (a la..say say oh playmate, come out and play with me, and bring your dolly's three, climb up my apple tree. Slide down my rainbow...)

She informed me that she, in fact, had. With all of her friends.

That is, those who sleep in bed with her: Elmo, Big Bird, Curious George, Bob, JoJo, baby, and Otto.

She made it a point to tell me that Shamu did NOT slide down the rainbow.

"Why not?" I asked.

"Because he doesn't have a hiney," she said.

I guess the we only slide on our hiney's rule has taken effect.

Splurge: Big Girl Bed

It's on its way. The big girl bed is on its way. Is she ready for it? Without question. Is her mommy? Not a chance.

I guess that's the conundrum of parenthood: praying for them (and teaching them how) to grow and live into responsible, independent, and loving people...while at the same time wanting them to stay little for just a little longer.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

tid bits

We're up to our ears in infection around here...I thought 14 months of breast feeding was supposed to get us off the hook for those.

Still, sleepless nights (and days) and unprovoked fears haven't stopped this little one from exercising her imagination.

Scene: On the phone with her daddy, who is at work

Little One: Daddy, you forgot your belt today.

Daddy: Shoot. How am I going to keep my pants from falling down?

(Mommy's thinking to herself about what Little One might say: tape measure, tape, something obvious in a not-so-obvious way)

Little One: I think you need to find someone else to put in there with you. That will keep them up.


Hope 2009 is off to a great, sleep-filled start.