Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Spring is coming it's coming IT'S COMING.

And bringing lots of inspiration with it, such as:

  1. A perfectly pristine car interior. This morning, as I was getting out of my salty cheerio-infested, blankets-and-burpcloths-everywhere car in the Starbucks parking lot (with a handful of garbage to toss mind you) I was face to face with the interior of a cute little uncluttered Honda next to me. Not a speck of dirt or crumb to be seen, only a stylish little black and white clutch perfectly perched in the back seat.
  2. Books. Not just any books, but ones that I MADE. Tonight I will attend the second of a two-part bookmaking class. Finally, I can stop spending (tons of) money on journals that don't quite meet my need and actually make them myself. Next up? Letter press.
  3. Ballet-dancing with my daughter. She loves it (ballet that is, not necessarily ME dancing with HER). We've got a pad out on the deck that works just perfectly for spinning and plie'-ing. She's teaching my how to tondue later this afternoon.
  4. Little mouths talking. TALKING! Little baby doll is sounding out all kinds of words and is quite delighted with herself for it. Her favorite? Good Girl, Go Go Go!, and You (ooh) did it! I'll get a video posted of it soon.
  5. Outdoor Running. For a while, we weren't sleeping (long story), feeling well (even longer) or running (treadmill just doesn't count sometimes). BASIC NEEDS WERE NOT BEING MET PEOPLE. But now? Long strides, crisp fresh air, and miles and miles of wide open road. It feels sooooooooo good.
How about you? What's inspiring you?