Saturday, February 18, 2012

And then there was Peter.

I've missed writing. Things have been a little...busy... around here.

Teeth have been falling out (Ava's). Teeth have been turning grey (Anna's). And then they've been turning back to white again.

And then there's the matter of this little guy. He is as happy in life as he is in this picture.

Since him, there have been tender midnight moments (lots and lots of those) and precious big sister moments. Moments of overwhelming joy and gratitude. Could it get any better?

And then there have been moments I really thought this is it. This is a nervous breakdown. In those moments it all feels a little too much-- work, responsibilities, unknown, known, bills. Reminds me of that 5th grade science experiment on saturation points: how many more drops can we add before it spills over?

Even in those moments I am rational enough (usually) to recognize the correlation: lose shuteye, lose perspective.

So I do what works for me: have a good cry, go for a run, get quiet with God, take a hot shower. Usually in that order.

And the breakdown moments are really few and mostly far between. I appreciate them though, because they never last for long but they always leave an impression.

Besides, there's no time for feeling bad. Not when this sweet little face-- and two others that are almost identical to it-- smile wide (teeth, no teeth, and all).