Thursday, March 3, 2011

They's Travels

Ava (nearly five) and I were reading "Woolly Stops the Train" the other day. This particular book is great for a lot of reasons but it's particularly handy right now because there are simple sentences on top, and more involved sentences on the bottom.

She takes the top and I take the bottom and it doesn't seem like all of the pressure to read is hers. In fact, she usually takes on the encouraging role "Wow, mommy. You have exclamation points in yours! Great job."


Anyway,  at one point when we came across the word "they" in the book (and she paused) I cued her with, "This is a word we've seen on earlier pages" and proceeded to show her.

To which she replied, "Wow, 'they' really gets around. Quite an adventurer that word is."

I never thought of it that way, but I like it! Adventures aren't IN the words, they ARE the words!


Anonymous said...

Such a smart girl you are Ava! I love your imagination and the way you see the world too. Love, Kristin

LobotoME said...

your blog is back! oh how i've missed you.... xoxo, J :)