Thursday, February 3, 2011

Twenty Questions

I got my haircut last night, which always feels like a fresh start. And while I was waiting for my highlights to set in, I picked up this month's issue of Oprah magazine.

Immediately I was drawn to these two articles, which were eerily timely for me considering my state of mind lately:

  1. The first article listed 20 questions we should ask ourselves everyday. I can see how many of them could  begin to help me think differently about my own thought patterns and routine behaviors. I'm going to try and keep them close by, picking one or two to focus on each week.
  2. The second was about unleashing your creativity; how it lurks within all of us, we just have to find it. I can see how the two articles could complement one another well in my circumstance. I need to work on changing some thought patterns AND reinforce it with NEW action to make the changes permanent.
In the meantime, I'm going to weed out some old pillow cases and see what kind of Valentine's Day garland I can make so that hearts abound around here. Wish me luck. I don't cut straight lines and I definitely do not sew.

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Anonymous said...

Maureen I have been reading the very same articles and thinking about myself and what I can learn about how I do things and how I can make time for being creative more often. Love it when I find out we're on the same page. Kristin