Wednesday, February 5, 2014

And now there is Danny.

It's been two years and a lifetime since I've written a post. I tell myself I'll get back to it. Write about the galloping Anna does around the house with her imaginary horse, yelling "Ya" like Brave. How Ava is planning the 8th birthday party of the century that would put the Queen's gala to shame. How Peter wears his big red boots to bed and back. And Danny, sweet Danny, how he's at that infant age of noticing everything, noticing me, as if for the first time every time.

Times are busy, sleep is scant. But this is the best kind of life.


Anonymous said...


So glad to see you back writing! Even though I completely understand how busy you are and all the things that keeps you from writing more. I can visual the kids as you describe them and am super excited for Ava's 8th birthday party that is going to put the Queen's gala to shame. I am sure Anna will pretend to ride a horse and Peter will wear his red boots while Danny soaks up the brand new world he is seeing for the first time. Love you guys! Kristin

Anonymous said...

It doesn't get much better than what you described Maureen. Love when you take the time to write and can only imagine how full of love your days are with those four beautiful children. Enjoy! I'm sure sleep will come at some point...Love, Kristin